New technology for Clinical Trials

Who says that our Clinical Trial industry is slow at adapting new technology? - we all say that and tread carefully... However, the new technologies are here and they are dragging us forward offering new exciting sources and opportunities.

Move faster, industry! :-)

Leveraging Technology to Bridge Clinical Trial Processes and Real-World Health Care

Mar 22, 2018 By Kent R. Thoelke, Joan Chambers, Naomi Fujimoto

Applied Clinical Trials

Technology adoption in health care delivery has already surpassed anything we’ve done in the drug development industry. In health care, mobile technology and mobile engagement allow patients to interact with their caregivers, health care delivery, and pharmacists. In the drug development industry, however, we have not kept pace with how people use mobile phones, smartphones, and iPads to engage with their daily lives.

In the millennial generation, roughly 30 to 40 percent do not have a primary care physician. Instead, these millennials access their health care delivery through ambulatory clinics or engage with health care providers via mobile devices. Even people in their 60s or 70s often use mobile technology for health care delivery needs such as chronic disease management and medication alerts. Beyond health care, the daily routines of individuals across all age groups include the use of technology.

Building upon the usage of technology in health care delivery, integrating technology into clinical research as a care option will be a game changer in achieving greater participation in clinical research and decreasing the overall time for trial completion.


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